No New Year Without a New You (2015)

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2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”

Every time a new year rolls around, folks begin to think about things they can change in their lives. Some people say that they are going to lose weight and start eating healthy. Others say that they are going to go back to college or get out of debt. Some say that they are going to write a book or start their own business. And others commit to getting organized or spending more time with family and friends.

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“Let All Past Troubles be Forgot”: Sing Along and Share this Christian New Years Song Written by Daniel Whyte III with Daniella Whyte

“Let All Past Troubles Be Forgot” by Daniel Whyte III and Daniella Whyte is perfect for singing at church watch night services and Christian New Year’s Eve house parties. Churches, pastors, church choir directors, praise and worship leaders, and Christians everywhere are encouraged to take this video and play and sing it in their respective gatherings for the glory of God. Read the rest of this entry

The Greatest Gift You Can Give this Christmas…

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During this time of year, the thoughts of many people turn toward the matter of gift-giving and receiving. Collectively, we spend a good deal of money and time going from store to store to get the “perfect” gift for people we love or people we simply want to impress.

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“With Talent On Loan from God…” — A Thanksgiving Celebration (Worldwide Evangelistic Outreach)

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On this Thanksgiving, I thank God for the talents and gifts that He has bestowed upon my family and me and that is no doubt the reason why I love to see people do what they are truly talented and gifted by God to do. It is a blessing to see singers, musicians, actors, actresses, athletes in all sports, writers, speakers, business people, doctors, cooks, auto mechanics, lawyers, and leaders of all types seemingly without effort and almost flawlessly doing what they were given by God the talents and the gifts to do. Read the rest of this entry

No New Year Without a New You

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l’ autres côté des le pardon

Vous avez vraiment soufflé cette fois-ci, comment allez-vous présenter des excuses?, Par Sharon Norris Elliott

Pardonnez à vos ennemis. Bénissez ceux qui vous font. Tournez l’autre joue. Ouais, ouais, c’est vrai. Tout ce que l’instruction biblique semble merveilleux jusqu’à ce qu’un ami offense réellement vous. Ensuite, la plupart d’entre nous sont prêts à transformer notre main dans un poing et de viser une joue. Toutefois, cet article n’est pas de notre besoin de pardonner à notre offensive, ami irréfléchi. Parlons de l’autre côté du pardon. Que faites-vous quand vous êtes à l’offensive, ami irréfléchie?

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The Other Side of Forgiveness

You’ve really blown it this time, how will you apologize?, by Sharon Norris Elliott

Forgive your enemies. Bless those who despitefully use you. Turn the other cheek. Yeah, yeah, right. All that Biblical instruction sounds wonderful until a friend actually offends you. Then, most of us are ready to turn our hand into a fist and aim for a cheek. However, this article isn’t about our need to forgive our offensive, thoughtless friend. Let’s talk about the other side of forgiveness. What do you do when you are the offensive, thoughtless friend?

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This Was Your Life – C’était votre vie

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Simple Plan de Salut de Dieu

Mon ami: Je vous pose la question la plus importante de la vie. Votre bonheur ou votre perte pour toute l’éternité dépend de votre réponse. La question est: Etes-vous sauvé? Ce n’est pas une question de savoir comment vous êtes bon, ni si vous êtes un membre de l’église, mais que vous êtes sauvés? Êtes-vous sûr que vous aller au ciel quand vous mourrez?

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